Health Benefits

One very common bacteria found in the mouth of healthy humans is Streptococcus salivarius. Among the most numerous beneficial bacteria in your mouth, S. salivarius is typically the first one we acquire naturally as infants. Some speculate we get it through our mother’s first kiss.

Scientists have discovered that a few people naturally have a more beneficial strain of S. salivarius, called K12. This strain is especially helpful in specifically supporting Ear, Nose and Throat health.

Observational studies have shown that children with K12-like S. salivarius are better able to maintain mouth and throat health.  Now that BLIS K12 has been isolated and is available in products marketed by a number of the world’s leading health and supplement companies, we may all give our immune systems some extra support. This is the first time that an immune system -supporting probiotic for mouth health has been be available.

BLIS K12 is also a natural solution for freshening breath. BLIS K12 is safe and effective for children and adults.  For full long-term support, BLIS K12 should be taken daily.


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