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BLIS K12™, A futuristic supplement that is here and now
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Just imagine popping an Altoid-type mint into your mouth, and while refreshing your breath, it also supplies beneficial bacteria to build a protective barrier in your mouth that can help support your upper respiratory system health.  Though that may seem like a concept from the future, the future is actually here and now.  Oral probiotic, BLIS K12™, adds pertinent “good bacteria” to the oral cavity and is the first of its kind to target this area of the body.  It was discovered by Dr. John Tagg of the University of Otago, when studying the mouths of individuals who had exceptional oral and upper respiratory health.

Scientific research continues to expand our knowledge of the bacteria that inhabit our intestinal tract and the substantial benefits from probiotic supplementation.  However, we are now beginning to gain an understanding of the importance of the bacteria that reside in other parts of our bodies such as our oral cavity, and how probiotic supplementation targeted to this area can play a crucial role in supporting overall health.  The BLIS K12 oral probiotic can help maintain health in the mouth (breath, teeth and gums), throat, and inner ear.

Supplements containing BLIS K12 can be found internationally in the form of chewing gum, lozenges, fast-melt tablets, chewable tablets, and powders.  Probiotics - it's how your body was intended to thrive.

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