Fresh Breath
BLIS K12 is a natural solution for fresh breath.
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Posted By: BLIS K12 is a natural solution for fresh breath.

Do you check your breath several times a day? Buy mouthwash by the gallon? Halitosis (or bad breath) can be embarrassing for those who suffer with it. No one wants to seek professional help. When the smell returns even after a trip to the dentist, you might feel like your only options are to mask the problem with mints or chewing gum. Not anymore!

Mouthwash masks the bad breath symptoms and indiscriminately kills both the good and bad bacteria. But they re-populate quickly and the problem returns. Products made with BLIS K12 help to balance the microflora in your mouth, competing with the halitosis-causing germs while leaving room for more good bacteria to thrive.

Backed by 30 years of research, it's a natural way to change the environment inside your mouth to help maintain long-term breath freshness.

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