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Does my family need BLIS K12?
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At any time, keeping your family healthy is more important than we realize.  It’s never convenient to miss work or school and can be very costly. BLIS K12 makes supporting your family’s immune system and maintaining ear and throat health more probable.

A potent strain of the beneficial bacteria Streptococcus salivarius, BLIS K12 is safe for children and adults. In fact, S. salivarius is among the most numerous beneficial bacteria in your mouth, and it’s typically the first one we acquire naturally as infants. Some speculate we get it through our mother’s first kiss.

Studies show that children with naturally occurring K12-like S. salivarius strains are better able to maintain mouth and throat health. In addition, ear health may also be supported.

Using products containing BLIS K12 is something you can feel good about doing to maintain your family’s health.


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